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I got into a fight yesterday.

Waking up that morning, there was no sign whatsoever to indicate that the day would end as it did. It was a bright and beautiful day, full of hope, and the promise of a brilliant future. The sky was clear, and the wind whistled gently, as it carried the beautiful melodies of the chirping birds. Air so fresh, a single breath of it seemed to clear all the fog from my mind. The sun; the beautiful golden rays caressed my skin ever so gently, it felt like a warm hug that seemed to put together every piece of me that had fallen out of place. It all came together to form such a breathtaking tapestry, that brought to life the hope that I had for my future.

But I got into a fight yesterday. I hadn’t seen it coming! I thought I knew what I was doing and where I was going. I never imagined such a thing could ever happen to me. I had learned my lessons and paid close attention to the teachings I received throughout the years, but none of that prepared me for this. I came to realize I had been protected from so much. Becoming me bore a greater burden than I had ever even come close to imagining…….

……until I got into that fight yesterday. It ripped my immaculate tapestry down in the middle and I watched as it came unraveled; with no warning, and with no apology, no explanation whatsoever. I was busy minding my business, and it all just came against me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t get a chance to prepare or defend myself. The blows just rained on me from every direction. My vision was blurred right from the first blow, and my focus distorted immediately. As I kept getting pummeled, I could barely breathe, and I knew, for certain, that I would never get through this alive… 

Because of the fight I got into yesterday my hope was shattered, and I could barely feel or move my body. I knew it was over for me! I tried to cry out for help, but nobody came to my aid. The few who were moved by compassion could only do so much. They gave me water and went on their way. Covered in blood and dirt, breathing so labored, I reconciled myself with the reality that this was the end of the road for me.

After the fight yesterday, I drifted into a place, so strange and baffling to me, and I noticed a Man. He was so calm, with such a beautiful Spirit. Who was this Man? He seemed familiar, but I had never seen Him before. He bound me up and applied balm on my wounds. He did it with such love, care, compassion, and skill as if He had done it so many times before; and all I could do was cry. I wept like a baby, as He nursed me back to health. I mustered all the strength that I could, and I managed to choke out a weak,


“You got into a fight yesterday,” He said.

“But, why? What did I do to deserve it? I never did anything to anyone!”

He told me, “You don’t always get what you deserve. You have lived all your life living under the preconceived notion that you do. Sometimes things happen to people for many reasons, but it is always an opportunity for you to learn and grow, and pick up treasures that shall help you on your journey. More often than not, you will go through experiences, that you will grow from so that you can help someone else coming up behind you. “

“So, why did I get into a fight yesterday?” I asked Him.

By this time, He had nursed me back to health, but I couldn’t stand straight. I had this horrible pain in my hip.

He looked into my eyes and smiled with such compassion, and He explained, “You have gone through life by my grace but in your own way. You were limited in your way of thinking, and your vision was distorted. Your identity was powered by you, and you did everything in your own strength. The fight was meant to slow you down and change your focus. It was meant to cause you to lean on Me because only I can give you all that you need to make it the rest of the way. In Me, you can live, move, and have your being. In Me, you get your true identity. No more shall you be called by what you have done, and what you have been. From now on, you shall be called what I call you. “

“But now, because of the fight I got into yesterday, I am walking with a limp,” I said.

With all the compassion He had, He answered, “Though it may hurt for a while, the wound will heal. You may walk with a limp, but it will always remind you of your victory. As well, your past will no longer be able to recognize you, and everything that clung to you, and that you held on to will fall off because you are on another level. You are moving forward from victory, and no longer trying to work for it. You have overcome, and will always be able to draw strength from knowing that you are an overcomer. You can do all things through me because I give you strength. The limp will be a constant reminder that no matter what you go through, I am with you. Always. I will never leave you; I will never forsake you. I am with you wherever you go… Now, you have a new name, and you have a new identity… You are My Beloved.

So, yesterday, I got a new name. I got a new identity.

Whether the blows have hit you hard and you have the damage that is more than a limp or it is the invisible scars known to you, I pray that you find rest in the promise that you are seen, you are accepted and your brokenness doesn’t repel our God. He is known to mend. He is known to heal. He is known to restore. He is known to uphold. I pray that you will lean in and let Him nurse you back to life as you resolve to depend on Him in every season and trust that everything He does is good

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  1. 😭😭😭😭
    Thank you Harriet.

    You are seen, you are accepted and your brokenness doesn’t repel our God. He is known to mend. He is known to heal. He is known to restore. He is known to uphold.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Oooh how I Love this post! Best thing I’ve read today.
    ….You may walk with your limp but it will always remind you of your victory…..

    You are My beloved 🥺🥺🥺🥺🙌🙌🙌🙌
    Thank you Harriet ❤️

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