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Meet the Team

Edith Chebet


Edith is a lover of God’s word and the visionary behind Christ My Anchor, a blog that is dedicated to inviting people to delight in God’s word by sharing her experiences, and life’s lessons through writing and storytelling. She pours her heart into crafting articles that will encourage and inspire believers to pursue and stay anchored in God. She is a journaling enthusiast, a lover of nature, and an avid tea drinker.

Pastor Pam Oyola


Pam Oyola is the Teens and Young Adults Pastor at Deliverance Church Umoja. She is a wife and mother to two amazing boys. Over the years her commitment to grow leaders and pour into the lives of young people has been remarkable. She is a teacher, a shepherd, and an encourager. She is committed to offering guidance and help and helping people to focus on God and to draw near to Him regardless of the seasons in life.

Harriet Masemo


Harriet is a lover of God and a lover of people. She is a hotelier by training and an artist by passion. Ministering to the world utilizing personal life experiences, through writing and public speaking is her gift.

Hellen Kadu


Helen is a Christian, a wife, and a mother to two beautiful children. She is committed to encouraging the body of Christ to communicate with each other the truth in God’s word so that we may encourage, correct, and spur one another on this journey of salvation.

Julie Chiriba


Juliet is a born-again lover of God, daughter, sister, disciple, and disciple of God. She is passionate about sharing God’s love to everyone around her. She aims to share God’s heart through poetry and share her journey from brokenness to wholeness through God.

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