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John 11:1-44; Ezekiel 37:1-14; Romans 8:11

Some things are straight-up believable while some take a while to accept – if we even get there at all. Healing He can do, Restoring yes but resurrection? It seems like premium membership in the heavenly dimension and yet Mary and Martha were witnesses to what seemed impossible. They had heard about Jesus healing people but raising from the dead seemed a bit absurd. I imagine how they felt knowing He could have come earlier when news got to Him yet He didn’t.  But in Jesus’ “delay”, they were positioned to receive a revelation that we would need to discover about our sweet Lord: I am the resurrection and the life. Four days in the tomb was deemed a sign of hopelessness and there was no possible chance of resurrection but they were yet to be introduced to The resurrection and the life; the one who is a master at reversing situations!

Martha expressed her disappointment to Jesus but she concluded in faith when she said “Lord if only you had been here, my brother would not have died. But even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask.” John 11:21. She was still able to trust despite the disappointment.

Cue Even now by William McDowell and Tasha Cobbs.

Do you believe?” This was a question posed to Martha. It follows the great confession I am the resurrection and the life. Martha believed in the resurrection to come and it must have perplexed her as Jesus said her brother would rise again. She had one answer that even we as believers in this day cling to. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) . It never occurred to her that Jesus meant right there and then.


I am scared of funerals more than I am scared of death and this is because of the heaviness that surrounds us in those times. Our hearts break at the announcement of the death of loved ones and yet during the funeral, it seems like we relive the pain all over again. It is like the reality becomes confirmed.

Funerals are sweet sorrowful moments and I know saying sweet seems far-fetching but when we think about the times we got to have with the individual, there is a feeling of gratitude. Even though the gratitude is in the expression of tears. Jesus was no exception, He cried or as the Bible well puts it, He wept. (John 11:35)

Jesus didn’t just say He is the I AM, He proved it.

John 11:25 "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me though he may die, he shall live. And whoever believes in me shall never die."

It is easy to believe God can heal but do you believe in the power of the resurrection? Ezekiel’s encounter with the dry bones has got to be one of the most fascinating occurrences in the Bible. (at least to me)


“Can these bones live?” (Ezekiel 37:3 ) Compared to Lazarus’ situation, you would be wise to place your bet on a corpse, wouldn’t you agree? Bones are what remain when life has passed and this certainly seemed like a long shot.

I imagine how the movie creators go the extra mile to create the “robots and walking dead” type of visualization but even the most incredible Scriptwriters and Executive directors cannot top this. First comes the prophecy (Ezekiel 37:7), (just an utterance) which results in noise: a rattling and stirring of the bones which then come together. Then follows the sinews and flesh and as if that wasn’t mindblowing, comes the skin formation. At this point, if I were Ezekiel I would probably be so awe-struck that I remained motionless yet he must’ve been so enthralled that he just wanted to see more.


This kind of resurrection is a resurrection we experience every moment that God gives us a new chance. When He revives what we thought was dead and gone. He isn’t just resurrecting our situations. Even today, He is resurrecting spiritually dead men. He is reviving our souls and refreshing us with His life-giving word. We can be alive but be dying; just as those bones had come together but were yet to be the army it was meant to be because life hasn’t been breathed on them (Ezekiel 37:7-9)

The force behind resurrection and life is Power: God's incomparable power. 

 To know Jesus is to know resurrection and life. He is the source of life.


Jesus certainly had a personal relationship with the family of Lazarus and yet they had to experience this heartbreaking situation to receive a revelation about Jesus. Spurgeon says “The love of Jesus does not separate us from the common necessities and infirmities of human life. Men of God are still men.”  God will place us in situations where our faith is tested but it doesn’t mean we are devoid of His love.  Mary and Martha were pushed to the extreme just so God would display His glory (John 11:4)

Again I ask, Do you believe this?

Knowing Jesus as the resurrection and life is an invitation to revival! You may be in a disappointing situation but you can believe in the Even now and experience resurrection. Jesus is still showing up at the “tomb of every Lazarus.” (Tauren Wells)

He is making way for Life every day! “To say that the Resurrected King is resurrecting us is to say that we acknowledge our sinful nature and our need for Salvation from sin and death.” Daniel Debelak

Cue Resurrecting by Elevation Worship.

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You are light and you are so loved. Stay anchored and keep His light shining through.

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  1. Ala! Last week Thursday 10.00am I was here Kumbe I would have stayed longer?.

    Thanks so much dear this is beatiful, to Know Jesus is truly to know resurrection and life?.


  2. Jesus is still showing up at the tomb of every Lazarus. ???The Master of reversing situations. ?

    Thank you for sharing and being consistent.

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