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TEMPORAL STILLNESS- Undeniable Victory

2 Chronicles 20:17 “You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you……”

Receiving an eviction notice is not something to look forward to, especially with an entire household in the picture and yet that is exactly how 2015 was for our family and sad to say, it is the story of many. Receiving this kind of  notice is crippling. Before that fateful day of eviction, I had lived in the same house for more than a decade, it was the only place I had called home and when I received the news that we had to move, I was shattered. My hurt was combined with disappointment upon hearing that my aunt was behind the notice. 

Isn’t it surprising how battling instructions seem to change from the ordinary when you read this story in 2 Chronicles 20? You’d expect some sword sharpening, armour polishing and troop training and yet God comes with different instructions and it seems ridiculous nonetheless.In this chapter, the men were afraid to  go to battle; clearly evident by Jehoshaphat’s response. The numbers seemed so great and these were people God had told them to spare before so I bet they had a lot of questions and it seemed like it was a choice to be regretted. Had they invaded them then they wouldn’t be in that dilemma right? But God’s ways are never our ways, the Ammonites, Moabites  had to be spared before so the battle could be won in unconventional ways.

Meanwhile, during that season, I kept wondering where we would move to, if my dad had stashed cash somewhere that would save the day but most of all, I wondered if we would find a home fast enough. Thankfully God’s peace kept me amidst all the hurt and the endless questions that kept streaming in and out of my mind. We were able to move in with my parents’ old friends for a while while we searched (God bless their kind hearts)

You must be wondering what the reason for the eviction was; it turns out my aunt wanted us out because of a disagreement with other relatives and my dad was caught in the crossfire. I used to wonder why my dad was silent about it and why he never went for any legal advice or pursued a case against my aunt because we had a claim to the land as well.  After we had healed and relocated to a new home, which was just a few weeks later, I asked him why he never fought her and he simply told me that some battles don’t have to be fought with expected tools.

Restraint is power

At that moment as he spoke, it never made any sense because I was still angered by my aunts actions and how inconsiderate she had been and her approach about the entire thing but years later when I read the words position yourself, stand still, I realized that perhaps in His own way, God had echoed this instruction  to my father. Later on, this event that seemed to turn our lives upside down was the beginning of us building our own home from scratch and now we live in a house that we call home with our name on it. God showed Himself strong on our behalf. He cut the  lips of our accusers, restored our dignity, bestowed honor and now everyone calls us blessed and the favor of God upon us is evident. 

It doesn’t matter what tools you have; what matters is who you have. Is God with you as you prepare to go up in battle? Are you letting Him lead? because the battle belongs to Him after all.  Psalms 60:12 “With God we will perform valiantly; He will trample our foes.” is a huge encouragement since it is a reminder that anywhere God is, there is victory. We are safe when we align ourselves with Him and follow His instructions, however insane it may seem. Men may see it as foolishness since we are naturally conditioned to retaliate or fight back and seek justice, but like my pastor always says, God does a better job than you ever could when it comes to revenge. Sometimes, He will require you to pursue the court cases and in some, you will have to quiet down your need for battle and resort to an alternate but powerful weapon; Praise and stillness. 

Like Jehoshaphat:

  1. Don’t be lost in the fear, seek God and pray 2 Chronicles 20:3 ; 5-12
  2. Fix your eye on Him 2 Chronicles 20:12
  3. Await His instruction 2 Chronicles 20:13
  4. Rejoice at His word and let it be enough. Get into a place of worship 2 Chronicles 20:18
  5. Obey His word.Obedience is the ultimate test and Victory is dependent on it 2 Chronicles 20:20
  • Are you fighting a battle you shouldn’t ? Is God asking you to position yourself,stand still and let Him fight for you?
  • In what areas do you need to let go and let God?
  • What instruction seems ridiculous that you’re hesitant to obey?
  • Where is your focus? Sometimes all God asks for is for your focus on Him and not for you to fight.

Father, thank you for fighting my battles and reminding me that I need to learn to let you take the lead. All you do comes with victory and I desire to experience victory all round in my life. Help me to trust you and let you contend for me even when it means I have to do the opposite of the expected. I choose to obey your instruction. In Jesus Name I pray . Amen.

Stay anchored and keep His light shining through

15 thoughts on “TEMPORAL STILLNESS- Undeniable Victory

  1. Wow wow!! Our God is so faithful so so faithful ?? celebrating with you over His goodness. God has His promises cut out to us,to every promise there is an instruction tied to it..in this case God is saying position yourself and stand still! I choose to do that. Thanks so much beautiful may God continue using you to reveal Himself.❤️❤️❤️

  2. Evicting from a place you’ve or known as home for the better part of ones life is never easy,somewhat I do relate.Look how God has brought victory to your fahm,it all narrows down to positioning self and standing still.In every storm there’s victory,celebrating with you gal..

    1. Victory is always around indeed. We glorify God for all He has done and continues to do.
      Celebrating with you in whatever battle you had to face dear.
      The battle is His
      Thank you for sharing dear❤❤❤

  3. I have always admired you. Actually you are my role model. Your faith in christ is soo admirable and beautiful. More blessings and Gods favour❤.

  4. I’m so glad that God saw your family through that and He Glorified Himself in your lives when the battle was left to Him… Remind me to be still and know that He is God and He will be Glorified ????❤❤

  5. Wow! So glad that God restored your family’s honor and that He showed off His power through you guys. And your story reminds me about a court case my sister had some few years ago….the moment we allowed God to fight the battle for us, that’s the time we received victory and He fought in a way we never expected.

    This God oooh! I will never recover from His Faithfulness.


    Thank you so much dear.

    1. God will always come and show up in victory. Your testimony is one for the books
      May we learn to release

      His faithfulness is immeasurable.
      Thanks beautiful

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