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I am my father’s last-born daughter,

I love life and I tend his sheep,

I cannot stand being idle,

The other day, I went to water the sheep,

A young man introduced himself as my relative,

Uncovered the well and watered the animals,

I took him to my father.

My father received him well, calling him Rebekah’s son,

Jacob was his name,

Why would Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Isaac name their son Deceiver?

He speaks of another God, a God who speaks,

A God whom there is no image formed in His honor,

I enjoy the attention he gives me.

The young man Jacob approached my father and asked for my hand in marriage,

He says that I remind him of the story of his mother Rebekah,

Who was at the watering hole, caring for our grandpa’s animals,

There the servant of Abraham betrothed her for Isaac.

He (Jacob) asked my father – Laban for my hand in marriage,

He had nothing to give except the clothes on his back,

Father agreed with him,

Seven years of labor to pay for my dowry,

He agreed to it quickly- and began to shepherd my father’s sheep,

He is diligent in his work and everything he touches flourishes,

The herds have increased, and my father’s praises about his riches are spread far and wide.

Meanwhile, I am being trained to be a wife, to cook, to clean, to make a house a home,

My big sister Leah too seems to be undergoing training alongside him,

Daddy hopes she too can be betrothed and married before the lapse of these seven years.

It’s my wedding day, I am excited we will have a celebration like no other,

I have vowed “to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do us part”

He has vowed too, he promised me that he will love me forever,

He solemnly vowed this before his father’s God,

We danced made merry and ate choice foods,

I do not see my sister amidst the people,

And its time to be taken in to lay with my love,

I was given a drink, I am feeling drowsy,

I tell myself let me sleep a little he will wake me when he comes.

I woke up alone, it’s morning, and I am in my bedroom,

Who brought me here, I was in our room what happened…..

What is going on?

I head to the sitting area I find Father and Jacob in a heated conversation,

I walk in to find Jacob, my love flustered- he says to Daddy,

“You lied to me, you deceived me,

I worked for seven years to have Racheal,

I woke this morning to find Leah in my bed,

Why Laban, have you deceived me,

Your flocks have grown in my care and yet here and now you deceive me,”

I sit in the corner and realize that my father deceived me too,

The drink that made me drowsy,

Finding myself in my father’s house rather than in my house-

Where I laid my head down to rest.

Why had my sister done this to me, why did she pretend to be me,

So that she may be presented to my man,

Why would she agree to such terms,

All the time, I would tell her how my man brought me a beautiful plant or flower from the wild,

All the stories I would tell of him, where he came from, his family,

All the sharing I did with my sister she was in on the scam.

My thoughts are interrupted by Jacob’s voice which is subdued and hurt,

I will work for another seven years for my dear beloved Racheal,

Oh! This man does love me, I think to myself,

Father says to him, “Let the week of the wedding celebration end and you can have Racheal as yours”

And so the times came to pass,

I am my lover’s and he is mine.

To love me he has,

To adore me he does, I see it in his eyes,

When Leah comes around, my love seems agitated,

Almost to say, what do you want here, three is a crowd.

I won’t intervene she decided she would do everything in her power to be wedded before me,

she clearly deserves this treatment, not loved, not cherished a semblance of a relationship.

I walk with my head held high, with a point to prove to Daddy and Leah.

I awaken one day to find Leah blooming with pregnancy,

Her skin looks supple and her figure full- she looks stunning and glowing,

Yet, I do not even show signs of any blessing of the womb.

“Jacob, give me children” I demand, but no child is given,

Jacob asks “Am I God that I should make you be with child?

I cry, I pray to the God of my husband Jacob,

I hope and count the calendar days, I do my part,

And again Leah is pregnant yet again,

I repeat my actions then I think – I can have a surrogate,

………..Genesis 28-30

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