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There are things you take a break from and then quickly dive back into when you choose to reconnect with that space and most times, it still feels the same.Today, however, feels like I am taking a dive into a new territory…which is not so new since I have mingled with words lengthily in communicating via a couple of posts before we moved here.

Ever experienced the feeling of moving houses? The excitement and eagerness to see how the stay will turn out in the new place, new neighbors and neighborhoods? Not to mention the endless ideas that make way into your mind in terms of decorating and furnishing the house, such as; What will be the best color choice for the walls? How will I arrange my porch? What couch color best fits this theme?  I think that would pass as the perfect explanation of my current state. Nonetheless, I should clearly state that my excitement exceeds the level of familiarity and adaptation being sought after in this new space.

Where I am in life and where you are, is varying at great lengths of course and I would be ignorant to assume I know the nitty gritties of it. One thing that can be universally relatable to us, is our current state as a nation, universe, in fact. There is this word that has  been uttered countless times and you are probably running away from every space that brings it up; COVID-19 and I won’t blame you. Some whatsapp groups ought to be blacklisted. Is information bad and unnecessary? No. But should we feed on all of them? I don’t think so. Most of the ‘forwards’ are only pushing us to a state of anguish heightening the description of the virus and bringing us to speed with the fallacies construed by individuals. We can be overloaded and drowned by the surfeit of COVID-19 information.

This reality, is like a movie; a movie where no one wants to be featured as the lead actor; let alone the extras. We don’t actively audition for it; anyone can feature at anytime and we cannot tell how the said movie unfolds. Every day a new ‘episode’ is out and the only way we contribute to the shape the story will take is by staying on our knees and leaning in to discern what God is doing in this season.

We are aware of the facts and updates from the Ministry of Health but most importantly we are fully cognisant of the TRUTH. The truth of God’s word that inspires hope, comforts and above all strengthens even as we unsteadily walk on these shaky grounds.This truth is what keeps us steady. The facts, research updates will keep changing but His truth doesn’t change.

If your media timeline is similar to mine, you are familiar with the hashtag Faith over fear; instead of dwelling on all the possible outcomes and magnifying them, we are choosing to trust that even if we don’t see it…things are working out and fear is unwelcome in our hearts.Completely shunned away! Don’t allow fear to erode all the goodness that still exists; starting with the love of God. Even here, even now, His love has not departed from us!

Can we choose to mention the name of God more than we mention COVID-19? Can we choose to dwell on how awesome God is and how victorious He is?

Psalms 91 takes us back to that place of hoping and reminds us of how to re position ourselves and fight from the place of victory. It has been a huge encouragement over this time….such sweet sweet assurances. As we rest on those promises, can we choose to sing and give thanks for the victory…even as we wait to see the physical manifestation? “We have escaped like a bird from the snare of the fowlers; the snare is broken, and we have escaped!” Psalms 124:7

This too shall pass. When it does , what will be said of you?
Will your faith levels be increased? Will you be found still praising God and still firm about His wonder working power? What are you doing in your downtime that you will be proud of after it all ends? Projects? Additional family time? Solitude? Staying home shouldn’t be a propagator of idleness and laziness…make something of it!

“…something very beautiful happens to people when the world has fallen apart; a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees fall to the ground.” Marianne Williamson.  


You who answer prayer, to you all people will come. Psalms 65:2

While our lives have been disrupted, our spiritual posture shouldn’t be disrupted; posture of lying at His feet. While social distance is sought after; spiritual distance should be non existent. We have been unified in tragedy; pray for nations by name. Call Kenya, Tanzania, US, Italy, Rwanda, Uganda, Spain, Jamaica….call it! A united church (you and me) can heal a nation!!!

On your knees, there is breakthrough. On your knees, is where you learn to stand up in His truth and for His truth. Kneel tight!

Don’t just sit tight in locked doors with sanitizers within reach….kneel tight! Let Psalms 9:9-10 push you to tirelessly seek for He does not forsake those who seek Him.

So, friends, while I wouldn’t have opted to resume this journey with a first post referring to our current state, I could not disregard it and it is my desire that our hearts be tuned to the songs of faith and revived with God’s loving kindness!


You are light and you are so loved

May His light shine in you, through you and in everything you do. Don’t stay hidden. Let Him be glorified.

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10 thoughts on “KNEEL TIGHT!

  1. It is the lowly place of kneeling where there is enormous power, insight, revelation and power that we need.

    I call it lowly place because, not any people love that place but yet… It is the most powerful place one can ever be. It is the master key that open any and every door that we need open and closes every door that we need closed.


  2. I felt some warmth reading through the passages. Indeed, it’s time to change the narrative from dead to alive in Christ who’s not moved from His throne. Let’s pray for the nations and the body of Christ, Most of whom have given up hope for God.

    1. Ah thank you Eddy!
      Yes and people like us who will stand in the gap and pray.
      We will not be drowned but still hold firm to the hope of Jesus that is an anchor to our souls!
      We will not tire

  3. I read this and I didn’t comment how now?,We will keep on praying,prayers have actually kept us this far,were it not for God all our enemies would have swallowed us alive! Oh God may I be found in the place of prayer.

  4. Hallelujah.. Prayer is power and power Is all we needed to move every unwanted mountains in our lives. Prayer is power that strengthens our relationship with our Father in heaven. Let’s be kept in prayer.

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