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I have a Shepherd and He loves me

I have a Shepherd and He leads me

I have a Shepherd and He guides me

I have a Shepherd and He watches over me

I have a Shepherd and He provides for me

I have a Shepherd and He never leaves me


I have a Shepherd and He loves me

He never lets me wander off

But when I do,

He leaves the entire flock; the ninety-nine,

To come and find me: the one

His beloved.


I have a Maker and He loves me

Intricately, He formed every part of me

In His image

The beautiful curves on the outside

The gracefully complicated parts on the inside

He patterned my feelings and emotions

And now, beholding Him and His glory as a mirror

He invites me to be continually transformed into His image

From glory to glory

By His Spirit


I have a Savior and He loves me

He saved me from my deserved fate of death

On that wooden cross at calvary,

He bore my sin, shame, and guilt

So that I could revel in the freedom.

On Him, they put a crown of thorns

When all He deserved was a crown of glory

He bore it all for me.


I have a Father and He loves me

Fiercely protective of me; His little girl

He shields me from harm

Going ahead of me; walking beside me and behind me

Confronting those that come against me ;from every direction

He provides all that I need

He hides me in the shelter of His wings

He holds me in His loving arms


I have a Best friend and He loves me

Lover of my soul, closer than my skin

With me on the good and bad days

Earnestly and lovingly, He listens to my cares, worries, and anxieties

Conscientious to my wins, losses, and heartaches

Whispering sweet sounds of love

Holding me through the tears

Dancing with me through the joy

His love: unconditional, boundless, and ceaseless


I have a Healer and He loves me

My Soul’s Physician

My Heart’s Surgeon

The perfect Diagnostician

Bringing to light the filth within me

Breaking me while mending me

Healing the visible and invisible wounds

Making my scars a display of His perfect work in me

He is glorified in my refining.


I have a Refuge and He loves me

My Hiding place; the one I run to

When the world around me crumbles

My fortress: the one in whom I hide

My shade from the heat

My peace in the storm.


I have found a Best friend in my Shepherd

A Lover in my Maker

A Soul mate in my Savior

A Safe space in my Father

A Refuge in my Healer

My Shepherd is all these to me; and more


So I say it with confidence,

I have a Shepherd and He loves me

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." Psalm 23:1-6


  1. Felt so hugged by these words
    In so many ways .
    My shepherd 🥺🥺❤️❤️

    Thank you Jules.
    I pray each day I will walk in conscious awareness of these truths

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